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Episode 1[edit | edit source]

Promises Under the Harvest Moon - Episode 1
The sky above us was always obscured by thick clouds, but the heavens have become so clear.
I'm a Phantom Soldier now, but knowing that and believing it are two different things. It didn't feel real until I saw that sky.
The clouds parted, and I was able to meet someone I never thought I'd see again. I was so happy...
A vision of Hazel appears in the background.
Evelika walked through the streets as Hazel followed along.
Evelika continued walking as she stopped, looking around the streets.
Wow... Feels like a completely different city without all those clouds.
While I'm here, I want to see how far the field of magical engineering has progressed. Wait, could that car's engine be...?
It's perfect weather for moon-gazing!
Suddenly, Tamamo bumped into Evelika with Hazel behind her.
Whoa! Wh-who are you?! Huh? Hazel, is she a friend of yours?
My name is Tamamo, and this is Kon!
Nice to meet you. My name is Evelika. I'm a mercenary from Slothstein, and...
Wait a minute! Where did you come from, anyway? Jumping out of nowhere and shouting about the moon... Who does something like that?
Sorry, sorry! I'm just so excited about moon-gazing!
What is moon-gazing, anyway?
It's a custom of Wadatsumi. I had it explained to me earlier, but if you want the details...Tamamo?
Heheh! Then allow me to explain! You see, moon-gazing is...
The scene flashes back to a conversation with Tamamo and Mikoto.
Haaaahmm... The people at the shrines seem kinda busy today, huh?
Ahh. That is because they are preparing for the moon-gazing event.
Moon-gazing? What's that?
Curious, are we? Very good. Ahem.
Moon-gazing is a festival in which we express our gratitude to the gods for the year's harvest. We begin by decorating the altar with offerings.
Such offerings should be dumplings made to look like the moon.
In addition to a nice meal made using seasonal foods, of course.
After the festival, you enjoy these offerings. By doing so, you express your thanks for the bountiful harvest with which you were blessed, thereby strengthening your connection to the gods.
That is what the gods tell me, at least.
Sounds delicious! Well, I'm convinced!
I would like to take part in the festivities myself.
However, leaving the shrine amidst such sizeable crowds was deemed too dangerous for me. As such, I have been forbidden from participating.
I am sure that everyone will enjoy this day in harmony, united under the majesty of the full moon. I cannot deny that I am a little envious. I would very much like to enjoy it alongside them, but alas...
Okay! Then I promise you that we'll go moon-gazing together someday!
The flashback ends, going back to current times.
And that's what we're doing today!
I see... So that's why you're both dressed like that.
Aren't these garments lovely?
They are, but they look difficult to move around in. I wouldn't have expected you to be so into this, Hazel.
It sounds like it'll be fun! The moon should be so beautiful with skies as clear as this!
The scene flashes back to a conversation with Hazel and Evelika.
If the sky ever clears, I would like to see the moon with you, Hazel.
That would be nice. Someday...
The flashback ends, going back to current times.
Unless... You don't want to...
No, I would love to! I swear it.
All right, then! If that is what we are doing, then I, Evelika, will do everything in my power to make tonight go well!

So, we'll be needing dumplings as round as the moon and a feast full of seasonal deliciousness...
I've asked Carol to take care of the dumplings, but... Ah, right. We'll need to make some other things as well. I wonder if she'd be okay with me making another request?
Oh, I almost forgot! We need silver grass!
Silver grass? What does that have to do with anything?
Evelika thought to herself as Tamamo and Hazel walked by her.
But... Hmm... I think I saw some growing somewhere near this area.
We'll need to watch our step. Wild animals live here and we're invading their territory. Let's try not to disturb them.
Isn't that right, Hazel?
Looking up in thought, Evelika glanced over to where Hazel previously was.
What the...? Where did she go?!
Over here! Come on!
Hey! Don't go on without me! Wait for me!
Evelika rushed forward as she hurriedly tried to catch up with Tamamo and Hazel.
Look! A whole field of silver grass!
So this is silver grass... They look so fuzzy.
Hrm... These are a bit wimpy looking. Are there more down this way?
Tamamo and Hazel strolled through the forest as Evelika hurriedly continued to catch up with them.
A-are you two sure we should be going in any deeper? I heard wolves nest in this area. Maybe we shouldn't...
A bunch of monsters quickly rushed forward.
Hehehe, sorry. I think I just woke them up.
What did I just tell you?!


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