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The Season Pass feature gives rewards to all players for free, with an option to purchase a Premium Pass for additional rewards and more milestones to progress Season Pass level. Each season lasts a set amount of time (typically 28 days) and progress does not carry over to the next season, so you must claim all milestones and rewards before it ends to receive them. There is no announced schedule for Season Pass- it has run twice and not since.

Season Levels[edit | edit source]

There are 20 season levels. Each level provides a reward for achieving it and a second reward if you have the Premium Pass. The cost to reach each level is 500 points. The rewards include 1,000 free gems and a few other nice items.

Raising Levels[edit | edit source]

To raise your level, you can complete any of the following:

  • Season Milestones - some are daily and some are only available once during the season. Purchasing the Premium Pass unlocks additional season milestones.
  • Story and Event Quests (typically 1 season point)
  • Event EX Quests (typically 4 season points)
  • Arena (2 season points for win, 1 for loss)

Premium Pass[edit | edit source]

The Premium Pass currently is $24.99 (this is subject to change) and applies for the duration of the season. Purchasing it gives 1250 paid gems and also unlocks additional season milestones and level rewards.

Currently the premium level rewards include:

  • 4000 free gems
  • 2 5-Star Unit Tickets (with a small pool that includes some limited units)
  • 4 Star Gear Ticket (from a small pool)
  • 5 Star Memento Ticket (from a small pool that includes some limited mementos)
  • 100 Gold Gear Shards
  • 2 Sinful Indulgence
  • 25 Elemental Shard Selector
  • Additional rewards