Selena's Ribbon

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Selena's Ribbon
Selena's Ribbon

5★‎ Equipment

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[Selena/Imperial Ice Goddess-Only Equipment] AGI +5, Dark Res +6, Stun Res +16, Paralyze Res +16, Sleep Res +16, Petrify Res +16, Jewels Obtained +3
Enhancer Pts165
Zeni Cost147550
Zeni Sales Price14755
Tour Coins5900
Soul Coins7375

Ribbon worn by a warrior from the Sama Kingdom, a land that was destroyed by the gods. Its bright colors accent the relatively simple tones of her outfit. It's rather large in size, making it easy to pick her out from a crowd.


30000 Zeni

Equipment Stats

Dark Res+6+9
Stun Res+16+24
Paralyze Res+16+24
Sleep Res+16+24
Paralyze Res+16+24
Jewels Obtained+3+5