Slash Evade

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Skills which buff Slash Evasion Rate that are fixed to a job:

Game,JobIcon,masa sam.png Battle-Steel PrincessFire From AboveFire Slash ATK on enemy units within area around self & lowers PATK for one turn & lowers MOVE by 1 & greatly raises Evasion Rate of all attacks excluding Mag ATK for one turn [Area: Diamond (5), Height Range: 2]

Skills which buff Slash Evasion Rate that are provided by gear

Game,ArtiIcon,AF ACCS FAIL 01.png Botanical Garden Watering CanPassiveAttributes:
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ARMS POK B LONG 01.png Deadly LancePassiveAttributes: PATK Up, PDEF Up, Slash Evasion Rate Up
Game,ArtiIcon,AF ACCS ALFR 01.png Shayna Fan Club Membership CardPassiveAttributes: