Sosenko Battle Surcoat

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Sosenko Battle Surcoat
Sosenko Battle Surcoat

5★‎ Gear
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Equippable on Spy, Ninja, & Shadow Assassin units from Wadatsumi

A surcoat from the Sosenko, one of the noble families of Wadatsumi. The Sosenko walk a different path to their sister school, the Shibasenko, the latter possessing a far stronger influence within Wadatsumi. This surcoat is known for being something of a symbol, as it is worn by the head of the famil

Attributes: Max HP Up, PDEF Up, Cast Time Down, Enables Master Ability "Blossoming Flame Flash" (3-Hit Fire Slash ATK (Strong vs Wind) on enemy unit & chance of critical & raises Power for Fire units [Range: 4, Height Range: 2])