Soul Coin Exchange

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The soul coin exchange allows you to purchase items in exchange for soul coins.

Exchange for Items[edit | edit source]

The items available in the shop are random for each account There are 12 items in the shop that are available at any time. You can click the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner of the shop to see what items are possible to appear in the shop.

The following types of items are available:

  • Unit Shards (always available in 5 slots of the shop): A set of 3 shards of a 4 or 5 star unit for 600 or 750 soul coins depending on the rarity of the unit (only units available in the standard pool will appear)
  • Forbidden Apple x5 for 750 soul coins
  • Equipment Diagram (always available in 3 slots of the shop): Gold bordered equipment diagram for 150 soul coins
  • 3 Star Gear Shards: A set of 5 shards for a 3 star gear for 500 soul coins (only gear available in the standard pool will appear)
  • 4 Star Gear Shards: A set of 5 shards for a 4 star gear for 750 soul coins (only gear available in the standard pool will appear)
  • Adamantine Ore x5 for 200 soul coins
  • Gold Ingot x5 for 500 soul coins
  • Gold Alchemia Pot x5 for 200 soul coins

Shop Refresh Prices[edit | edit source]

If you are in a hurry to buy specific items in the shop and want to refresh for new contents, you can trigger a refresh for Soul Coins. The price to refresh increases gradually but will reset daily to the lowest price.

  1. 100 Soul Coins
  2. 100 Soul Coins
  3. 100 Soul Coins
  4. 200 Soul Coins
  5. 200 Soul Coins
  6. 200 Soul Coins
  7. 300 Soul Coins
  8. 300 Soul Coins
  9. 300 Soul Coins
  10. 500 Soul Coins
  11. 500 Soul Coins
  12. 500 Soul Coins
  13. 1,000 Soul Coins (up to refresh 25, unclear if you can refresh past that point)

Shop Refresh Schedule[edit source]

The contents of this shop refresh five times a day. You can check the next refresh time in the top right header of the shop. All times are in world time (see the home screen clock to look up the current world time).

  • 4:00 (4 AM)
  • 9:00 (9 AM)
  • 14:00 (2 PM)
  • 19:00 (7 PM)
  • 24:00 (12 AM)

Convert Soul Shards[edit | edit source]

You can use the convert soul shards option to acquire soul coins. You can only convert soul shards from units that have already reached the maximum limit break currently available (including any evolutions available to the unit). Note: all new accounts come with 500 soul coins.

Soul Coin Conversion Exchange Rate
Unit Type Soul Coins
1 and 2 star or free unit (regardless of star level) 1
3 star 10
4 star 20
5 star 100