Springtime Silk Ribbon

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Springtime Silk Ribbon
Equippable on Female Wadatsumi units & Lil' Ouroboros
Gear type
Accessory (Earring)
VCR (Warm Nostalgia)
Release dates
  • GL: 2019-10-03
  • JP: 2019-01-28
Item shard
Springtime Silk Ribbon Shard
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This ribbon, now a beloved keepsake, was given to a certain swordswoman from Wadatsumi by someone who admired her blade. She received it after she had already decided to lay down her weapon, but it became a source of motivation for her take it up again, and stirs within her pleasant memories of her distant past

Attributes: Slash ATK Power Up, Paralyze Res Up, Stop Res Up, Thunder Res Up, Enables Master Ability "Cherry Blossom Vow" when equipped on female units from Wadatsumi with jobs that use katanas or on Lil' Ouroboros when her job is "Continental Observer" (Greatly lowers PATK/MATK for two turns & greatly recovers Jewels)

Stats by Rarity

Max Stats
Slash ATK Power +10

Thunder Res +15

Stop Res +40

Paralyze Res +40

Gear Ability
Cherry Blossom Vow

Gear Abilities

Cherry Blossom Vow
Greatly lowers own PATK/MATK for two turns & greatly recovers Jewels
Samurai Blademaster Kagomurasaki's Moonlight Continental Observer Sakura Sword Saint Envious Blademaster Indigo-Blue Blademaster