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Episode 2[edit | edit source]

Steel in Hand, We Defend - Episode 2
I feel uneasy.
About what? I'm not entirely sure, but a vague, indistinct unease lingers at the back of my mind.
Ahh, that's it!
I feel uneasy because I am unsure. I am flustered because of all that I don't know.
Being so shaken makes me feel incredibly small.
Where do all of these feelings come from?
A Vision of Vettel appears in the background
Even as I ask myself that question, the answer rises to the forefront of my mind, taking a most familiar form.
So bright it hurts to look at it.
Forgetting about what I ought to protect...
What is it that I want to protect?
Gerald? Gerald! Are you even listening to me?!
What is it?
Urgh! As I was saying, we're here! At the ruins? Where the bandits from the request are based? Is any of this ringing any bells?
Yes... Right.
Gerald! This is the first request we've gotten in a long while, so pull yourself together! You're not acting like yourself.
I know what I need to do. Everybody ready? Then it's time. We're going in!
A few bandits walks within the ruins.
There are fewer here than we expected. Are the rest hiding somewhere?
It doesn't matter. Our plan doesn't change.
We will shortly be entering the bandits' base to eradicate them, as per the request we received. I will draw them out to give you the chance you need to crush every last one of them.
G-Gerald! Why?!
Here I go! Together, we will complete this request, and what's more...
We will make the name of our Scarlet Legion known throughout the entirety of Envylia!
After Battle...
The two bandits surrounds Gerald as they attack him.

Thief A

Who the hell is this maniac attacking us?!
Rather than defending or evading...
It's more effective to commit to a frontal assault!
He shouted as he pushes the two bandits back.

Thief B

H-he's a monster! He ain't human!
Gerald walks over to the thiefs
Prepare to meet your maker.
He says as he grips his gunlance

Thief C

S-stay your blade! I yield! Spare me, please, I beg you!
I cannot.
Natalie hurriedly rushes towards Gerald.
Gerald! Wait!
You would stop me?
They've surrendered! What's the point of killing them? Shouldn't we arrest them and hand them over to the Envylian Guard?
If we did that, it would fail to make this a hallmark achievement for the Scarlet Legion.
We must finish them off ourselves.
G-Gerald? What are you saying?
Who cares about what this achieves for the Legion? You didn't create it to win accolades!
The Scarlet Legion was formed in order to carry out the oath you made, wasn't it? So just...calm down!
You don't understand!
The thiefs quickly runs away as the two talked.
Gerald clicked his tongue as he steps forward.
Where are you going?!
I will pursue those who fled. You lot! Follow me.
The Scarlet Legionnaire follows behind.
You're wounded. Let me—
Natalie walks closer to Gerald.
If they escape, the entire mission will be a failure. I must hurry.
He brushes off Natalie as he rushes out.
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