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Episode 3[edit | edit source]

Steel in Hand, We Defend - Episode 3
After Battle...
They're really good at hiding in the shadows at this late hour. However, I won't let them escape.
I will find them. All of them.
Awhile ago...
If we did that, it would fail to make this a hallmark achievement for the Scarlet Legion.
(Why did I say something like that?)
Natalie walks up to Gerald.
What is it now?
Your wounds... I still haven't treated them.
Natalie walks closer to Gerald as she treats his wounds.
You really are far too reckless.
Gerald? Why did you say what you did?
Was your head sparking?
What does that have to do with anything?
Nothing, really. I don't have to analyze you to know that it can't be fixed.
Still... I want to do something for you. It hurts to see you like this.
You're always overdoing it, Gerald.
In the past...
I can walk by myself on my own two feet, thank you! Put me down right now! You're embarrassing me!
Just let me carry you. It's your own fault.
I had to go all-out if I was going to beat you! I have to do whatever it takes to keep up with you!
Well, injuring your leg isn't going to get you anywhere, is it? Vettel went to get the first-aid kit, so I guess that's it for us for today.
Heheh. Good!
What're you snickering about?
Aww. Don't be mean.
It's've changed since you started training with Vettel.
You think so?
You've always thought that you were the only one willing to do whatever it takes, no matter how reckless.
But Vettel is even more reckless than you are, so your hair keeps sparking like crazy and I don't think it's ever going to stop.
You might be right.
Huh? Wait... It stopped!
It's nothing to worry about.
Hmm... Maybe if I work harder to study medicine, one day I'll be able to analyze you through dissection and figure you out?
If that's a joke, it isn't funny.
I might be able to tend to your injuries, but I can't do anything about your sparkiness. A thorough physical analysis is what's called for here.
You know, that's not really sounding like a joke.
I want to help you, Gerald. So, what do you say? Will you lie down on my operating table, for science?
Hahah. I'm afraid I'll have to pass.
I won't tell you not to be reckless, or to stay away from the battlefield because you're not a fighter.
We'll always be together, Natalie. You and me.
I miss those days.
Now you're the one being reckless all the time and I'm the one who has to patch you up.
Gerald, let me carry you, too!
What are you talking about?
I don't mean physically, you big lump! You're always trying to shoulder your burdens alone, but you don't have to!
Let me help you. Let me support you. Let me take some of that weight off of your shoulders and carry it for you.
Just like how you picked me up and put me on your shoulders that day.
I'm not burdened with anything.
There you go again, sparking! You can't hide it from me.
Would it really be so bad to lean on me? Even when I'm standing here, begging you to let me help you?
Why can't you just be honest with yourself?
Just...bring me some water, would you?
Hmph. Fine! I'll be right back.
Strange... She's been gone for quite a while.
Somewhere in the forest...
Natalie rushes forward
I'll do it, whether he asks me to or not! He wants the Scarlet Legion to be famous? Done! Maybe if I make that happen, his head will stop sparking so much!
Well, I mean, I hope I can cure it like that. Won't know unless I try.
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