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Episode 5[edit | edit source]

Steel in Hand, We Defend - Episode 5
Gerald knocks down a bandit as the Bandit Leader comes up from behind him.
Finally, I understand.
It's because I was comparing myself to another that I grew flustered.
Gerald strikes down the bandit tying to put up a struggle.
It's because I was comparing myself to another that I felt uneasy.
Gerald cuts through the bandit as a bandit strikes from behind him.
It's because I was comparing myself to another that I craved a glorious achievement.
Gerald attacks the bandit with force, pushing him back.
But no longer.
Now I will acknowledge my own progress, without comparing it to anyone else's.

Gerald's Father

Ask yourself this: what do I want to protect?
I will protect Vettel and Natalie, my dearest friends!
The Scarlet Legionnaire clashes blades with a Bandit.</div
To protect that which I hold dear...
Gerald pushes back the Bandit Leader.</div

Bandit Leader

Wh-who the hell are you?!
I'm not the sun, that's for sure.

Bandit Leader

At some point, I started to believe that I had to be...better. Brighter than the sun, stronger than steel.
But I am who I am. My methods may be different, but it matters not, so long as we walk the same path.
A vision of Natalie appears in the background
The path that we of the Scarlet Legion walk is the true path to bringing smiles to Envylia and all the world!
Scarlet Legion, follow me! All units, charge!
The Scarlet Legion cheered loudly as they followed behind Gerald.
After Battle...
Natalie opens her eyes
Finally awake?
I... H-huh?! What's going on?!
You must be pretty out of it if you can't figure that out. I'm carrying you.
I-I know that much! It's just that it's embarrassing!
You lost consciousness. You weren't in any state to walk on your own.
S-still...! Wait... What happened with the bandits?
Incapacitated and bound. I instructed the Scarlet Legion to hand them over to the Envylian Guard.
Thank you, Natalie.
F-for what?
You really opened my eyes.
Heheh. Guess I can put that dissection on hold then, huh?
You really intend to do that someday?
Assuming you keep sparking. Someone's got to do something about that! It might as well be me.
You were right. I've been comparing myself. To him.
Leading the Scarlet Legion, I began to wonder which was more important: strength like steel or a light as bright as the sun?
Well, look at you, being all honest with yourself. And to even admit that I'm right...
I no longer have any doubts.
A Vision of Vettel appears in the background
Perhaps you are more suited to leading the Scarlet Legion.
But I am who I am, and that is enough.
Even if you forsake your vows, I will see them through to the end, the way that only I can.
Driven by my iron will.
The vision disappears...
Here and now, I vow to protect those I care for in my own way, regardless of how long that may take.
So, please...remain by my side. Support me as you will.
G-Gerald, I...!
Of course I will, you idiot! Who else could support a sensitive, stubborn fool like you? It has to be me!
Good. I'm counting on you.
Hey... Can I ask you something?
How long do you intend on carrying me?! I can walk now! Clearly!
Why don't we go eat something sweet?
Y-you're going to put me down first, right? We're not walking into town like this! No way! Put me down!
Just let me carry you.
Something you want to say?
It's just... You're smiling. I haven't seen you smile in so long...
I promised dad that I'd...
Stop right there! Let the memory itself be enough. You don't have to put it all into words for me to understand.
We're going to stay together, right? That's all that matters.
You're right. Let's go, Natalie. Together.
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