Stellar Mage Hat

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Stellar Mage Hat
4★ – 5★
Mage Priest Bishop Enchanter Chronomancer Sage Summoner Merchant Sugar Wizard Wondrous Doctor Nightmare Witch Apprentice Witch Witch Flame Orb Princess Blaze Orb Princess Phantom Master Caster Rising Ash Princess Genie of the Lamp Battle Mage Netherworld Mage Witch+ Diviner Phantom Artist Night Agent Astral Witch Cursed Cannon Master Sovereign Blue Ice General Battle Maid Continental Observer Abyss Gazer Magical Honor Student Truthsayer Aqua Meister Disingenuous Hero Zephyr Meister Crimson Dragon Mecha Weapon Technician Luminous Immortal Fresh Wind Trickster Charming Mage Pyro Meister Holy Hierophant Corrupter of Souls Manipulator of Souls Purifying Alchemist Powerful Witch Thunderer Trickster Intemporal Alchemist Chronometric Alchemist Phantom Master of Greed Snow Witch Shrine Monarch Everlasting Witch Intemporal Sorcerer of Sloth Chronometric Sorcerer of Sloth Flaming Curse Commander Alchemia Scholar
No requirements to equip
Gear type
Armor (防具)
Release dates
  • GL: 2019-02-21
  • JP: 2017-10-19
Item shard
Stellar Mage Hat Shard
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Hanging from this elegant mage's hat is a fragment of a star. The magical energy stored in it seeps out into the surrounding area, protecting the wearer from danger. In addition, it gives off a glow that calms the mind and boosts concentration.

Attributes: MDEF Up, Hit Rate Up, Silence Res Up<br>Gear Ability unlocked once evolved to 5★ (Raises own Mag Dmg for three turns)

Stats by Rarity

Max Stats
MDEF +30

Hit Rate +10

Silence Res +40

Gear Ability
Stardust Blessing
Max Stats
MDEF +20

Hit Rate +3

Silence Res +20

Gear Abilities

Stardust Blessing
Raises own MATK Power for three turns