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Gear by Source[edit source]

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Summon Gear[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of gear obtained via gear summons. Note that sometimes this gear can also be acquired through other sources such as gear tickets and Veda Coin Exchange, but the primary way to obtain it is via gear summons.

GearIcon Gear Name Gear Class Gear Type Rarity Source
Absorb Shield
Absorb Shield Armor 防具 4 Limited Summon (Final Fantasy XV)
Aeolian Harp
Aeolian Harp Weapon Harp 3 Summon
Amaterasu Holy Rod
Amaterasu Holy Rod Weapon 御祓棒 4 Limited Summon (The Sun God and the Golden Key)
Anti-Colossus Gear
Anti-Colossus Gear Accessory Earring 4 Summon
Armor of Evil-Warding
Armor of Evil-Warding Armor 防具 4 Summon
Atomic Jaeger
Atomic Jaeger Weapon Bow 4 Summon
Automatic Cannon
Automatic Cannon Weapon Cannon 3 Summon
Beast Lord Talons
Beast Lord Talons Weapon 4 Summon
Bejeweled Cane Sword Flora
Bejeweled Cane Sword Flora Weapon Swordstick 4 Unreleased (Summon)
Belva Gauntlet
Belva Gauntlet Armor 防具 4 Summon
Belva Pendant
Belva Pendant Accessory Earring 4 Summon
Binding Scepter
Binding Scepter Weapon Rod 4 Summon
Blacksmith Hammer
Blacksmith Hammer Weapon ハンマー 4 Summon
Blade of Silence
Blade of Silence Weapon Sword 2 Summon
Blue Rod of Sagacity
Blue Rod of Sagacity Weapon Rod 3 Summon
Breaker Kris
Breaker Kris Weapon Dagger 3 Summon
Bride's Love Sword
Bride's Love Sword Weapon ブライダルソード 4 Summon
Camera Accessory Earring 4 Limited Summon (Final Fantasy XV)
Caribbean Cutlass
Caribbean Cutlass Weapon Saber 3 Summon
Charm Pistols
Charm Pistols Weapon Gun 4 Summon
Charming Blade
Charming Blade Weapon Sword 4 Summon
Charming Rod
Charming Rod Weapon Rod 4 Summon
Chronos Armor
Chronos Armor Armor 防具 4 Summon
Clear-Sky Tarot
Clear-Sky Tarot Weapon Cards 3 Summon
Cloak of Protection
Cloak of Protection Armor 防具 3 Summon
Crimson Bow of Wrath
Crimson Bow of Wrath Weapon Bow 4 Summon
Crimson Cestus
Crimson Cestus Weapon Gloves 4 Summon
Crimson Guard
Crimson Guard Armor 防具 4 Summon
Crowley Sword
Crowley Sword Weapon Sword 4 Summon
Cup of Ruin
Cup of Ruin Accessory Earring 4 Summon
Curious Doll
Curious Doll Accessory Earring 4 Summon
Dandelga Weapon Greatsword/Scythe 4 Limited Summon (Brave Frontier)
Demon Bane Kunai
Demon Bane Kunai Weapon クナイ 4 Summon
Dirk of Projection
Dirk of Projection Weapon Dagger 4 Summon
Double-Edged Axe
Double-Edged Axe Weapon Axe 3 Summon
Dragon-God Battledress
Dragon-God Battledress Armor 防具 4 Summon
Dragonhead Gauntlet
Dragonhead Gauntlet Weapon Gloves 4 Summon
Duel Greaves
Duel Greaves Armor 防具 2 Summon
Electrospike Blade
Electrospike Blade Weapon Sword 3 Summon
Engraved Phalanx Armor
Engraved Phalanx Armor Armor 防具 4 Summon
Faustian Greatsword
Faustian Greatsword Weapon Greatsword/Scythe 4 Summon
Feng Shui Red-Brass Board
Feng Shui Red-Brass Board Weapon Feng Shui 3 Summon
Feng Shui White-Silver Board
Feng Shui White-Silver Board Weapon Feng Shui 4 Summon
Fierce Azure Bow
Fierce Azure Bow Weapon Bow 3 Summon
Giga Blaze Buster
Giga Blaze Buster Weapon Rocket Launcher 4 Summon
Glitter Guard
Glitter Guard Armor 防具 4 Summon
Golden Jade Tarot
Golden Jade Tarot Weapon Cards 4 Summon
Golden Mallet
Golden Mallet Weapon ハンマー 4 Limited Summon (Disgaea)
Good-Luck Staff 【Kumadesu】
Good-Luck Staff 【Kumadesu】 Weapon Rod 4 Time Limited Summon (New Years)
Grace Lancer
Grace Lancer Weapon Spear 3 Summon
Grane Shield
Grane Shield Armor 防具 4 Summon
Great Shield
Great Shield Armor 防具 2 Summon
Green Rod of Wisdom
Green Rod of Wisdom Weapon Rod 4 Summon
Gunner Rifle
Gunner Rifle Weapon Gun 4 Limited Summon (Etrian Odyssey)
Harbinger's Blades
Harbinger's Blades Weapon Twin Swords 3 Summon
Hayate Plushie
Hayate Plushie Accessory Earring 4 Limited Summon (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)
Holy Armored Wall
Holy Armored Wall Armor 防具 4 Summon
Indigo Claw
Indigo Claw Weapon 4 Summon
Jikunai Satsuki
Jikunai Satsuki Weapon クナイ 4 Summon
Kanshou and Bakuya Swords
Kanshou and Bakuya Swords Weapon Twin Swords 4 Limited Summon (Fate Stay/Night)
Kinetic Chain Gauntlet
Kinetic Chain Gauntlet Weapon Gloves 4 Summon
Kinetic Shadow Gauntlet
Kinetic Shadow Gauntlet Weapon Gloves 3 Summon
King of Herrings
King of Herrings Weapon Katana 4 Summon
Knight's Gauntlet
Knight's Gauntlet Armor 防具 3 Summon
Legion-God Necklace
Legion-God Necklace Accessory Earring 4 Summon
Lethal Meister
Lethal Meister Weapon Rifle 4 Summon
Lethal Slinger
Lethal Slinger Weapon Rifle 3 Summon
Leveling Hammer
Leveling Hammer Weapon ハンマー 3 Summon
Life Belt
Life Belt Accessory Earring 4 Limited Summon (Etrian Odyssey)
Life Cuffs
Life Cuffs Accessory Earring 4 Summon
Light Metal Rapier
Light Metal Rapier Weapon Sword 4 Limited Summon (Etrian Odyssey)
Lightning Rod
Lightning Rod Weapon Rod 3 Summon
Magia Cleric Gun
Magia Cleric Gun Weapon Gun 4 Summon
Malda Snow Globe
Malda Snow Globe Accessory Earring 4 Time Limited Summon (Christmas)
Masamune Blade
Masamune Blade Weapon Greatsword/Scythe 4 Limited Summon (Phantom of the Alchemist)
Mellow Lance
Mellow Lance Weapon Lance 4 Summon
Melodious Tact
Melodious Tact Weapon Tact 3 Summon
Meteor Launcher
Meteor Launcher Weapon Rocket Launcher 3 Summon
Mirage Sword
Mirage Sword Weapon Sword 4 Summon
Mysterious Flask
Mysterious Flask Weapon フラスコ 3 Summon
Mystic Blade Tyrfing
Mystic Blade Tyrfing Weapon Sword 4 Limited Summon (Phantom of the Alchemist)
Namu Chakram
Namu Chakram Weapon Chakram 3 Summon
Nimble Beast Talons
Nimble Beast Talons Weapon 3 Summon
Nina's Handmade Plushie
Nina's Handmade Plushie Accessory Earring 4 Summon
Ocean Espada
Ocean Espada Weapon Saber 4 Summon
Ogre Slaying Blade
Ogre Slaying Blade Weapon Katana 4 Summon
Oracle's Prayer
Oracle's Prayer Weapon 御祓棒 4 Summon
Overheat Rage
Overheat Rage Weapon Rifle 4 Summon
Paralyze Pistols
Paralyze Pistols Weapon Gun 3 Summon
Paralyzing Lance
Paralyzing Lance Weapon Lance 3 Summon
Phantom Blade
Phantom Blade Weapon Greatsword/Scythe 3 Summon
Poison Fang Blade
Poison Fang Blade Weapon Sword 2 Summon
Poison Rod
Poison Rod Weapon Rod 2 Summon
Precious Armor
Precious Armor Armor 防具 4 Summon
Psychedelic Flask
Psychedelic Flask Weapon フラスコ 4 Summon
Raging Fire Flamberge
Raging Fire Flamberge Weapon Greatsword/Scythe 4 Summon
Ranunculus Kunai
Ranunculus Kunai Weapon クナイ 3 Summon
Revolutionary Tact
Revolutionary Tact Weapon Tact 4 Summon
Ring of the Bright Knight
Ring of the Bright Knight Accessory Earring 4 Summon
Ring of the White Wolf
Ring of the White Wolf Accessory Earring 4 Summon
Roaring Slash
Roaring Slash Weapon Halberd 4 Summon
Rod of Blessing
Rod of Blessing Weapon 御祓棒 4 Summon
Rod of Exorcism
Rod of Exorcism Weapon 御祓棒 3 Summon
Sacred Coat
Sacred Coat Armor 防具 4 Summon
Saint's Bicorn
Saint's Bicorn Weapon Spear 4 Summon
Saint's Meteor
Saint's Meteor Accessory Earring 4 Summon
Saint's Sacrifice
Saint's Sacrifice Weapon Spear 4 Summon
Salty Dog Blade
Salty Dog Blade Weapon Saber 4 Summon
Sanctuary Rod
Sanctuary Rod Weapon Rod 4 Summon
Sapphire Earrings
Sapphire Earrings Accessory Earring 2 Summon
Scarf of the Rising Ashes
Scarf of the Rising Ashes Accessory Earring 4 Summon
Scepter of Sin Luxuria
Scepter of Sin Luxuria Weapon Rod 4 Summon
Scorpio Bracelet
Scorpio Bracelet Accessory Earring 2 Summon
Scout Regiment Flare Gun
Scout Regiment Flare Gun Accessory Earring 4 Limited Summon (Attack on Titan)
Serenity Chakram
Serenity Chakram Weapon Chakram 4 Summon
Shine Aqua
Shine Aqua Accessory Earring 4 Summon
Silencing Rod
Silencing Rod Weapon Rod 2 Summon
Sleipnir Cape
Sleipnir Cape Armor 防具 4 Summon
Slumber Blade Kuro
Slumber Blade Kuro Weapon Halberd 3 Summon
Solar Bracelet
Solar Bracelet Accessory Earring 4 Summon
Soulstealer Scythe
Soulstealer Scythe Weapon Greatsword/Scythe 4 Summon
Spirit Kabutowari
Spirit Kabutowari Weapon Katana 3 Summon
Stable Transmutation Circle
Stable Transmutation Circle Accessory Earring 4 Limited Summon (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)
Staff of Rich Harvest
Staff of Rich Harvest Weapon Rod 4 Summon
Staff of Thriving Business
Staff of Thriving Business Weapon Rod 4 Summon
Star Robe
Star Robe Armor 防具 2 Summon
Steel Cross Shield
Steel Cross Shield Armor 防具 3 Summon
Stellar Mage Hat
Stellar Mage Hat Armor 防具 4 Summon
Sunblade Prometheus
Sunblade Prometheus Weapon Sword 4 Summon
Swallow's Scarf
Swallow's Scarf Accessory Earring 3 Summon
Swift Kunai - Comet
Swift Kunai - Comet Weapon クナイ 4 Summon
Tartaros Cannon
Tartaros Cannon Weapon Cannon 4 Summon
Techno Flask
Techno Flask Weapon フラスコ 4 Summon
Tiger Kris
Tiger Kris Weapon Dagger 4 Summon
Timestealer Scythe
Timestealer Scythe Weapon Greatsword/Scythe 4 Summon
True Groom's Edge
True Groom's Edge Weapon ブライダルソード 3 Summon
Turquoise Cestus
Turquoise Cestus Weapon Gloves 3 Summon
Tuuli Kantele
Tuuli Kantele Weapon Harp 4 Summon
Twilight Tarot
Twilight Tarot Weapon Cards 4 Summon
Twin Storm-Blades
Twin Storm-Blades Weapon Twin Swords 4 Summon
Umbrella Staff
Umbrella Staff Weapon Rod 4 Summon
Valhalla Lance
Valhalla Lance Weapon Lance 4 Summon
Violent Minotaur Axe
Violent Minotaur Axe Weapon Axe 4 Summon
Vorpal Geo Blades
Vorpal Geo Blades Weapon Twin Swords 4 Summon
War Labrys
War Labrys Weapon Axe 4 Summon
Wonder Chronos
Wonder Chronos Accessory Earring 4 Summon
Yggdrasil Shield
Yggdrasil Shield Armor 防具 4 Summon