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Wind Tamamo


Tags Human, Female
Gender Female
Origin Wadatsumi (ワダツミ)
Source Summon
Height 157cm Weight 47kg
Birthday Aug 4 Blood Type Type Kn
Zodiac Moon of the Swift Sails
Likes Festivals
Hobbies Fluffy tails
Illustrator こめこ
CV 永野愛理

Tamamo is a fox spirit from Wadatsumi. Due to her nine tails, she is highly respected in the world of hybrid beings, though she's not conscious of this herself. She's the type who immediately rushes forth whenever something fancies her interest. Her sidekick, Kon, serves the role of keeping an eye on her, so she doesn't get herself into trouble.


Stat Min Max Avg per Lv
Ui icon stat hp.png 86 455 4.34
Ui icon stat mp.png 48 194 1.72
Ui icon stat atk.png 41 147 1.25
Ui icon stat def.png 24 90 0.78
Ui icon stat mag.png 42 151 1.28
Ui icon stat mnd.png 29 103 0.87
Ui icon stat dex.png 41 148 1.26
Ui icon stat spd.png 55 94 0.46
Ui icon stat cri.png 41 148 1.26
Ui icon stat luk.png 41 147 1.25

Leader Skill

Fresh Wind's Worship
Raises PATK by 50% for Wind units

Master Skills

Master Ability
Raises ATK for all ATK Types & raises AGI & MOVE +1

TODO - Add skill info: AB_TAMAMO_MA_01
TODO - Master Quest: QE_CH_TAMAMO_3

Available Jobs

Shrine Maiden Shrine Maiden LimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png
Mage Mage LimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png
Ranger Ranger LimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png
Ranger [Serpent] Ranger [Serpent] LimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png Will replace Ranger Ranger when it reaches level B_RAN.

<TODO: More job level requirements>

Limit Break

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Misc Stats[edit source]

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grow: R6



AI Related

search: 3