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From early in it's inception, this wiki has strove to be both a resource to help describe the components in this game, as well as a catalog of the game elements. To reduce the burden of maintainability, various systems have been employed in an attempt to automated the generation of content pages, in an effort to do large scale cataloging. Over the course of many years, the system produced have been largely an effort of trial and error. While many work for what they do, just about everyone has introduced new challenges which required a different approach. For these large scale page generation systems, the state of the wiki is some what fragmented: Certain pages use one system while others may use another. Worse, some pages use a hybridization of multiple systems.

The purpose of this page is to catalog the systems that we current have, identify what sections of the wiki employ them, and describe the plan towards making the wiki a more homogeneous and unified experience.

Existing Systems[edit | edit source]

The following is a description of each system.

Object Oriented Lua Modules (OOLMs)[edit | edit source]

This system builds on the previous Lua system by solving the maintainability issue through a system of describing objects. A class is defined in its own Module page, which is used to describe what an object is, what it can do and how to interface with it. It will also auto generate documentation.

This is the most recent iteration of systems. No problems have yet been identified, however the system is rather new. Our goal is to try to migrate everything over to this approach.