Welcome Home Present

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Game,ArtiIcon,AF ACCS KAGURA 01.png
Welcome Home Present
No requirements to equip
Gear type
Accessory (Earring)
VCR (Thawing Snow, Hopeful Home)
Release dates
  • GL: 2019-11-07
  • JP: 2019-01-19
Item shard
Welcome Home Present Shard
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This hair ornament was worn by a certain young woman from Wadatsumi when she returned to her homeland for the first time in a long time to make New Year's resolutions. The person who gave it to her will never know that she wore it fondly, despite it being a cheap trinket.

Attributes: AGI Up, PDEF Up, MDEF Up, Wind Res Up, Enables Master Ability "Butterfly's Salvation" (Cancels all Debuffs cast on target [Range: 2, Height Range: 2]), Increases the Range of Master Ability "Kagutsuchi" by 2 when equipped with Takemikazuchi & Enhances Power and enables Master Ability "A Taste for Crimson" when Kagura's job is "Flame-Orb Princess", "Blaze-Orb Princess", or "Rising Ashes Princess" (Raises All Stats after appearing on map)

Stats by Rarity

Max Stats
Wind Res +15

PDEF +35

MDEF +35

AGI +10

Gear Ability
Butterfly's Salvation

A Taste for Crimson

Gear Abilities

Butterfly's Salvation
Removes all debuffs cast on target [Range: 2, Height Range: 2]
A Taste for Crimson
Raises All Stats after appearing on map
Flame Orb Princess Blaze Orb Princess Rising Ash Princess