Wonder Chronos

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Wonder Chronos
4★ – 5★
Holy Knight Holy Cavalier Muscly Paladin Holy Cavalier+ Spearman Sacred Spearman Dragon Knight Dragon Cavalier Coquelicot Lancer Demonic Dragon Knight Warrior Blacksmith Ice Swordsman Ice Princess Apprentice Paladin Paladin Elite Knight Dragon Slayer Flame Dragon King Demonic Spearman Magical Dark Lance Demon Indomitable Axe Knight  Indomitable Axe General Lord Commander Master Blacksmith Bright Fire Blacksmith Saber Lancer Overlord Vassal Protector Sacred Knight Valkyrie Prideful Homunculus Dark-Blade Princess Prince's Protector Berserker Thunderer Gun Spearman Flame Dragon God Pure Water Gun Spearman Raging Fire Rakshasa Lizardman Lord Commander Truthseeking Hero Light of Dawn Rakshasa Knight of Judgment The Light Leading the World Blue Glare Knight Mech Gear Specialist Dark-Lancer Princess Scarlet Flame Battle Princess Order Saber Serpent Sin Pure-Hearted General Alize Wind Lancer Dark Curse Pure Water Vanguard Imperial Ice Goddess Mad Cupid Pure Water Rakshasa Dark-Axe Princess The Pure White Lion Lord Commander of Pride Scarlet Flame War Princess of Wrath Flaming Gun Spearman Profane Blasphemer Scarlet Flame Steel Spearman Hidden Beast Emperor Wandering Swordsman Noble Vanguard Noble Scion Noble Emissary Sanctioned Duelist Noble Judicator
No requirements to equip
Gear type
Accessory (Earring)
Release dates
  • GL: 2018-08-30
  • JP: 2017-10-19
Item shard
Wonder Chronos Shard
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This pocket watch is said to possess the ability to alter the flow of time itself. Changing the position of its magical energy-infused hands activates a mechanism that allows the bearer to move with such agility that time seems to have stopped.

Attributes: HP Up, AGI Up, Delay Res Up<br>Gear Ability unlocked once evolved to 5★ (Casts Quicken on self and target ally unit [Range: 3, Height Range: 2])

Stats by Rarity

Max Stats
HP +431

AGI +5

Delay Res +40

Gear Ability
Chronos Drive
Max Stats
HP +288

AGI +3

Delay Res +20

Gear Abilities

Chronos Drive
Casts Quicken on self and ally unit [Range: 3, Height Range: 2]