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Water Yauras


Tags Human, Female
Gender Female
Origin Lustburg (ルストブルグ)
Source Limited Summon (SSM)
Height 169cm Weight 56kg
Birthday Mar 3 Blood Type Type Kn
Zodiac Moon of the Water Guardian
Likes Blue trinkets
Hobbies Stretching
Illustrator RINZO
CV 加隈亜衣

Yauras is the captain of the 1st regiment of the Holy Guard. She's an amazing swordfighter, boasting both intelligence and beauty. Though she hasn't realized this herself, it's said that she has a lot of hidden fans among the Guard, regardless of gender. She secretly fell in love with her rival Cadanova, and she's still endeavoring to keep up with him.


Stat Min Max Avg per Lv
Ui icon stat hp.png 84 452 4.33
Ui icon stat mp.png 42 168 1.48
Ui icon stat atk.png 42 152 1.29
Ui icon stat def.png 26 106 0.94
Ui icon stat mag.png 35 123 1.04
Ui icon stat mnd.png 24 90 0.78
Ui icon stat dex.png 44 162 1.39
Ui icon stat spd.png 52 92 0.47
Ui icon stat cri.png 40 146 1.25
Ui icon stat luk.png 42 152 1.29

Leader Skill

Pure Water's Worship
Raises PATK by 50% for Water units

Available Jobs

Twin-Blade Knight Twin-Blade Knight LimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png
Martial Artist Martial Artist LimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png
Twin-Blade Swordsman Twin-Blade Swordsman LimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png
Twin-Blade Knight+ Twin-Blade Knight+ LimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png Will replace Twin-Blade Knight Twin-Blade Knight when it reaches level B_YAUL_SOL.

<TODO: More job level requirements>

Limit Break

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Misc Stats[edit source]

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grow: R6



AI Related

search: 3