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Water Yunagi


Tags Human, Female
Gender Female
Origin Wadatsumi (ワダツミ)
Source Summon
Height 163cm Weight 48kg
Birthday Mar 10 Blood Type Type Ki
Zodiac Moon of the Water Guardian
Likes Free booze
Hobbies Banquets, gazing at the sea
Illustrator さぶ
CV 下田屋有依

Yunagi is from Wadatsumi, and is Kazahaya's actual older sister. In order to save a little fishing village that lacked able men, she took it upon herself to take care of a lot of physical work, making her monstrously strong. She likes chatting and helping people out, and even though she's verbally pretty rough, she has a certain kindness about her, so she's well-liked by most people.


Stat Min Max Avg per Lv
Ui icon stat hp.png 84 454 4.35
Ui icon stat mp.png 44 176 1.55
Ui icon stat atk.png 42 152 1.29
Ui icon stat def.png 28 100 0.85
Ui icon stat mag.png 38 136 1.15
Ui icon stat mnd.png 26 94 0.8
Ui icon stat dex.png 40 144 1.22
Ui icon stat spd.png 52 91 0.46
Ui icon stat cri.png 42 152 1.29
Ui icon stat luk.png 39 140 1.19

Leader Skill

Pure Water's Heartbeat
Raises HP by 30% & PATK by 20% for Water units

Available Jobs

Dark Cavalier Dark Cavalier LimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png
Ninja Ninja LimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png
Warrior Warrior LimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png
Dark Cavalier [Guernica] Dark Cavalier [Guernica] LimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakFull.pngLimitBreakEmpty.pngLimitBreakEmpty.png Will replace Dark Cavalier Dark Cavalier when it reaches level B_BAA.

<TODO: More job level requirements>

Limit Break

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Misc Stats[edit source]

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grow: R6

AI Related

search: 3