Yune Spirit Staff

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Yune Spirit Staff
3★ – 5★
Mage Priest Bishop Enchanter Chronomancer Sage Summoner Merchant Sugar Wizard Wondrous Doctor Nightmare Witch Apprentice Witch Witch Flame Orb Princess Blaze Orb Princess Phantom Master Caster Rising Ash Princess Genie of the Lamp Battle Mage Netherworld Mage Witch+ Diviner Phantom Artist Night Agent Astral Witch Cursed Cannon Master Sovereign Blue Ice General Battle Maid Magical Honor Student Disingenuous Hero Luminous Immortal Charming Mage Purifying Alchemist Powerful Witch Phantom Master of Greed Snow Witch Shrine Monarch Flaming Curse Commander Alchemia Scholar
No requirements to equip
Gear type
Weapon (Rod)
Free (A Lone Swordswoman and Her Siblings)
Release dates
  • GL: 2020-04-30
  • JP: 2019-07-19
Item shard
Yune Spirit Staff Shard
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Staff belonging to a shrine maiden who lives in the village of Yune in the Desert Zone. It is believed that the Divine Naiad, also known as the Miracle Star, watches over its wielder via the blue jewel that adorns its tip. The staff is imbued with energies drawn from the myriad of spirits that exist in the air.

Attributes: MATK Up, LUCK Up, Healing Up, Enables Master Ability "Sylph Descent" when equipped on Macherie if her job type is "Shrine Monarch" (5-hit Wind Mag ATK on enemy unit (Strong vs Thunder) & lowers Wind Res/Slash ATK Res for three turns [Range: 5, Height Range: 3])

Stats by Rarity

Max Stats
MATK +30

LUCK +30

Healing +10

Gear Ability
Sylph Descent
Max Stats
MATK +12

LUCK +12

Gear Ability
Sylph Descent
Max Stats
MATK +10

LUCK +10

Gear Ability
Sylph Descent

Gear Abilities

Sylph Descent
5-hit Wind Mag ATK on enemy unit & lowers enemy's Wind/Slash ATK for three turns [Range: 5, Height Range: 3]
Shrine Monarch